We take care so that you can take a break….

Have you ever came home from holiday, gone to put the kettle on and the milk has gone sour? Imagine coming home from a well earned break to not only fresh cuppa waiting for you but also a tin of biscuits by your comfy arm chair with your favourite TV show playing.

What is the caretaker service?
Tribe’s business caretaker service is the business owners, sole director shareholder or husband and wife team’s piece of mind when taking a holiday or leave from the business. It will allow you to take proper time off without losing momentum and still earning the £££. It’s the ”You” time you AND your business needs. Our service keeps you in the loop of what is going on back at home and keeps you in control over all main decisions without the hassle of having to reply to streams of emails, take phone calls or stress over the little things. You will be adequately updated (as pre-agreed). During that time we will also actively find ways to improve the business cashflow, collecting outstanding invoices and ensuring that your team are fully engaged. All you need to do is brief us beforehand on the key objectives that need to be achieved whilst you are away from the business. We will take initiative and delegate tasks and actions to keep things moving.

How would we deliver?
We have a fully experienced managing and finance director on hand to fill the business’ needs.

How much would it cost to take care of my business?
We will meet with you to determine your exact needs and then provide an upfront tailored quotation.

Who does this package best apply to?
Sole business owner or husband and wife director shareholders with a team of 5 to 10.

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