You could get a quick and easy tax rebate if your spouse is earning less than £12,500

If you are married, or in a civil partnership and one of you earns nothing or £12,500 per year or less you could claim a tax refund.  Everyone has a personal tax allowance which is the amount an individual can earn tax free in each financial year.  When one of you is not using all of this, the marriage allowance enables you to transfer up to £1,250 to your husband, wife or civil partner, if they earn more than you (but no more than £50,000).

You can backdate your claim to any tax year from 5 April 2016 and there is a simple online application at, that takes a few minutes. This could save you up to £250 a year, potentially a £1,000 rebate now if you haven’t claimed it before.

How does the marriage allowance work?

To benefit from the marriage allowance, the lower earner must apply to HMRC to request any unused personal allowance can be transferred to their spouse. Those earning less than the personal allowance can transfer a maximum of £1,250 in 2020-21 to their partner’s allowance (the same as in 2019-20). If you decide to transfer any of your unused personal allowance, you must transfer all of it. If you earn less than £11,250 (the personal allowance, minus £1,250), you can do this without being liable to pay any tax.


That £250 annual saving equates to a family takeaway every month for a year! 




Information up to date as of May 2020.

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