Chiefs, are you looking for a “how” process to make your key business decisions….?

Small business and start-up owners are more likely to make big decisions based on gut feel, at times you need to make a fast decision and that works well. However as your business grows and changes; and by that we mean – more product/service offerings, team members, turnover or has just been around longer, it’s likely that that method no longer works. You and your business arena have become more complex.

That’s why you NEED this template in your arsenal. The strategic SWOT is a great tool to upskill yourself and keep you ahead of the curve, all the while making sure the decisions you make today will be the most successful ones in the longer term.



  • Too much “noise” may be affecting your default decision making position
  • To take the “personal” out of your business decisions
  • Train and share it to upskill your key personnel, to follow the process in your absence – makes your business culture and processes more robust while you are preparing for your exit
  • Why not try it once, see if it works? What have you go to lose.


What kind of uses does it have in reality?…….

The absolute key times you should be conducting SWOT analysis are:

  1. When your product or service is about to launch
  2. When considering your overall strategy
  3. When your business needs growth eg. an investment or acquisition opportunity
  4. When reviewing your marketing plan
  5. When evaluating your team / staff
  6. When you need to work on yourself for your business, ie. personal development

Download our template here:

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In addition to the download, we will also send you the additional one page helpsheet (if you’re someone who likes to check the instructions).

Once you’ve tried it, why not make an appointment to come in and share the results with us? We’d also really like to understand your business deeper.

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