Are you fed up of waiting to speak to your ‘trusted’ advisor?

UK Accountancy Firms

We all know how frustrating it is to get when you can’t get hold of someone you need. There’s no telephone number advertised on the website; you get pushed to a chat bot, or to send an email which is not responded to for days.

Imagine if this was your accountant and:

  • You are trying to make a really important business decision…
  • You have a deadline for a crucial mortgage or funding requirement…
  • You have tax to pay…

We know from recent industry research that accountants will be investing less in their client support for the forthcoming years!

A recent industry research report identified that strengthening client service is a big priority for many firms in 2021, however that combined with the second largest priority of cutting costs seems an out of balance objective.

Moneypenny, a communication provider’s research also revealed that 68% of accounting firms still do not answer all inbound calls themselves – they use or plan to use outsourced services and 29% do not consider their website an important communication channel. The research concluded that this may present ‘client care blackspots’.

Rebecca Phillips, managing partner of Tribe, comments that “Being able to answer client calls efficiently is an extremely important aspect of what we do. As a business owner if you have a question or business blocker then it means you can’t make decisions.

We know that small businesses are agile and need to be able to make decisions quickly to capitalise on opportunities or about cashflow and profits. We are available to speak with and meet clients as much as possible. We endeavour to answer every phone call from clients to limit the time wasted if they hit a hold up in the road.”

Rebecca continued that “It’s in Tribe’s ethos to communicate and that’s how we use our website too! It (our website) provides us with a useful tool for communication – it drives our ability to send out informative posts, regular newsletters and potential clients are even able to get a quote from it too. We invested in the website earlier this year to showcase why we are different, what we offer and that has helped us attract new team members and clients. It’s definitely not an area of any business that should be neglected!”

It was also revealed by Moneypenny that 34% of firms in the study will use outsourced partners to deliver services more efficiently. Services that accountants commonly outsource, aside from call answering are: bookkeeping, payroll and accounts preparation.

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