Business Chiefs – Get some rest in!

As a business owner the drive to ensure that you succeed tends to lead us to mantra of Failure is not an option….. For everything we do! Well for the most of the time….

It would be a fib to say that is always the case as there are of course times when you feel like the weight of the organisation is on your back.

When this is taking it’s toll on you and director’s fatigue is kicking in, it’s hard to switch off from the business and can definitely make us all, let’s say…..a little less focused and a little more irritable! This can have a negative effect on you, your company and your family.

To keep up the level of work you need and to increase the chances of success we pay some attention to rest…….! Here’s a secret: Sleep is not the same as rest.

Rest vs sleep

How do you ensure you get the right kind of rest for you?

Use these 5 types of rest to make you unrecognisable.  

If you want to be making big moves, be proactive rather than reactive or to be the top person in your field you need to practice these 5 types of rest….  

Passive and active physical rest 

Passive rest = Sleep and napping (aim for 8 hours a day)   

Active rest = Restorative activities such as yoga, stretching and massage. Think of things that will improve your bodies circulation and flexibility (aim to do this 3 times a week)  

Mental rest  

Keep a trial of your ideas and thoughts….break them down into categories if need be. This goes for work thoughts and personal thoughts. Need to get milk – make a note. Want to approach that new lead – make a note of when where and how. Brain dump the F out of your Notes app or journal. Any thoughts you have that doesn’t need to occupy space – write it down and get it out of your mental head space.  

Schedule short breaks every two hours throughout your work day… We are not talking popping to the loo but have 15 mins down time every two hours while you are working. You could have a chat, go for a brisk walk or grab a coffee.  

Sensory rest  

Bright lights, computer and phone screens, email threads, countless conversations with work colleagues, the same 5 songs on the radio (wah!!!!), zoom and teams calls, meetings….. the list goes on! The world is over stimulating to say the least. Unplug from electronics at the end of the day, at least one hour before bed, dim the lights and clean up your sleeping environment. If you need to have something on ask Alexa to play guided sleep meditation.  

Creative rest  

This is so important for anyone who needs to solve problems or come up with new ideas. Creative rest reawakens our creative flare. You can’t spend x number of hours a week staring at blank or boring surroundings and expect to be inspired. Get out and appreciate nature, transform your work space with strong statements or images of places you love or works of art that speak to you….Get a new mug….Whatever is your thing, do more of it! It’s easy to get lost in projects that we kind of forget who we are. People don’t pay you for doing the job they pay you for the way you do it.  

Emotional rest 

You’ve probably heard the term radiators and drains when referring to people. It’s very important to recognise those in our lives who are warming us up and who are draining us. Surround yourself with people who support you and who are positive. Interestingly you are the product of the 5 people you spend most of your time with – business chiefs should choose wisely as your personal supporters will enhance your success.  

To summarise:  

Sleep 8 hours a day  

Do 3 types of active rest a week  

  • Make lots of notes  
  • Schedule a 15 mins break every 2 hours on a work day  
  • Turn off all screens, dim bright lights and no loud noises one hour before bed  
  • Sprouse up your work area  
  • Be mindful of who you are spending time with  

Happy resting business chiefs!  

We all hear and know it can be lonely at the top, so that’s why it is even more vitally important to have an adviser who is hands on for your business and always on hand. We make sure our Tribe can contact us, by phone, email or in person for whatever the reason. If our clients set us a challenge to find a solution for a business finance or tax issue – WE LOVE IT, WE THRIVE ON THE CHALLENGE!!!

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