Time is ticking to that 31 January deadline, we are here to help you now….

Our Top 10 reasons for filing your personal tax return sooner!

1. Enables you to plan ahead for any tax due

2. Buying a home – key document! Mortgage companies will require the latest one for new applications and renewals

3. Contractor? Claim back any CIS or expenses that you have incurred

4. Claim back for additional working from home expenses (eg. IT equipment, desk, utilities)

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5. Ensures you have the BEST tax planning for your pay if you have a limited company as well

6. It’ll be used for other forms in your life (eg kids at Uni)

7. Claim a refund if you have paid too much!

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8. Your accountant (us) will get you biscuits

9. Improve your personal cashflow! If your income has reduced and you make payments on account – we could reduce them

10. It’s less of a stress and cost (penalties!) if it’s not left late

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